The edition format is a box, which contains all the elements, kept as independent entities. Each one is represented by an image on the front side and its respective word on the back. Every person has preserved these tiny fragments of the universe and is able to create their own connections between the different photographs and words, composing a whole of their own.

Atlas Ivlia


©Bea Luengo

Edition of 50 (spanish) / 50 copies (english)


Box which contains 63 cards of 10 x 10 cm

- Right-side: 57 photographs

- Back: 63 words


Size: 10,5 x 10,5 x 3 cm


Handmade bound: Frisa.

Cardboard box with white pearl fabric

and stamp


Print: PulsePrint



(If you want to get one, please contact

here. Thank you!)