Atlas Ivlia




How to hold the immensity?

The tiniest element in every and each of the universe’s entities is still able to hold it as a whole; thus, a snowflake contains inside of it all of the snow; a spark contains all of the fire, a star contains all of the firmament… and a photograph holds the representation all of this things (both its time and its space) inside of it. Perhaps a photograph can help us to keep, to make our utopias come true by giving them a place to be, enabling us to find them and hold them between the house’s four walls.


This project’s development involves the search of some essential elements’ representation (the material elements as well as the intangible ones),opening the meanings, linking them to each other and travelling across the spaces between them. Its title alludes to the legend of Atlas, who bore the weight of the world upon his shoulders; and Aby Warburg’s also. In addition, the word “Ivlia” talks about the Julia fractal, named after its discoverer, the mathematic Gaston Julia; these fractals are specially interesting, due to their chaotic behavior. And, furthermore, the original meaning of the name Julia is "with strong roots". Hence, this project takes its shape precisely in this duality, that of the game of trying to keep infinitely our stronger and immeasurable source.